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With a nice Sauternes perhaps?

This is a fantastic blog A Would-Be Sommelier in Afghanistan written by John, Rotruck. In his words:

“Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs) are a ubiquitous part of military life, particularly during training. Containing on average a mere 1,250 calories each, these packages of delight are used by the US armed forces at home and abroad, and have been distributed to civilians as part of disaster relief efforts. Likewise, the civilian populace sometimes purchases them for use in outdoor recreation or emergencies for the same reason they are so popular with the military—the MREs have a shelf life measured in years without the need for refrigeration. Just add potable water and voilà—a meal fit for deposed royalty!

Even though the consumption of alcohol during training for and deployment to Afghanistan is prohibited, I could only imagine the vinous bounty that might be available to others in faraway places as they consume their hearty MREs. In order to help them make the most of their dining experience, my blog will offer helpful suggestions for wine pairing with these packaged morsels. Each meal has both a complementary pairing designed to harmonize the overlapping flavor profiles of the food and wine, as well as a contrasting pairing where dissimilar characteristics of each are brought together to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Since there are many out there who predominantly prefer either white or red wines with their meals, I have attempted to suggest one of each in most cases. Each pairing will propose a general type of wine from a particular region, and then offer a specific producer and wine for the detail-oriented amongst us. I have avoided including specific vintage years in order to give the recommendations in this blog the same shelf-life as the MREs themselves—years upon years.”

I couldn’t resist posting his suggestion for  an unusual, but spot on, combination, pairing spaghetti and meat sauce with a beloved Sonoma white.  Even if you’re not unlucky enough to be dining on an MRE, I love this idea for any spaghetti and meat sauce meal. I love John’s blog even more! He’s promising MRE’s paired with savory cocktails for the new year, so stay tuned!

And please, remember our armed forces this season. Even if you don’t have a loved one  in the service, you can still send along holiday cheer. Anysoldier.com is a great site where you can adopt a soldier, airman, marine, sailor, coast guard member, or even an entire unit and send much appreciated care packages from home. Unfortunately, no Ramey Chardonnay.

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